Food facts: why you need more chia seeds in your diet

I’m a bit obsessed with chia seeds lately. They make the PERFECT addition to my morning smoothie as they bulk out and keep me full until lunch time (I’m not really one for breakfast so a [...]

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Top 10 medicinal herbs and spices

Natural plant products have been used throughout history for various purposes. Plants, herbs and spices can be used for a number of health concerns from allergies to migraines and because we really believe that food is [...]

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Turmeric : The Ultimate Super Spice

.Ok so pop quiz: What do chronic stress, refined carbohydrates and sugar have in common? Answer: Inflammation. And inflammation is associated with just about every health condition found in the body. But good news there’s [...]

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Pearl barley feta, broad beans and mint fast alkaline low cost supper

This is a fast alkaline dish to put together and refreshingly there are no hard to find expensive ingredients. It is also healthy and filling.  The fresh mint, broad beans and goats cheese are a [...]

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Filling, comforting alkaline dish courgettes, tomatoes, feta and olives

This is a great dish to cook when you want something filling and comforting without the calories.  We have this at home, often at the start of the week when you want the food equivalent [...]

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Moreish cacao (chocolate) porridge great for kids too

Cacao Porridge with bananas, walnuts, cranberry powder and xylitol to sweeten Ingredients for one person Half a cup of porridge oats One cup of organic coconut milk Small level teaspoon of organic cacao powder Small [...]

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Raw Cacao Hot Chocolate with Xylitol or D-Mannose sugar to sweeten

Comforting hot chocolate that is nourishing and warming Try this Raw Cacao recipe . . .  the taste and smell of this warms your body and has an uplifting effect on your mood.   The [...]

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