How to stay healthy whilst you travel

It’s nearly time for the summer holidays and whether you’re indulging in a staycation or you’re jetting off to sunnier climes, staying healthy when you travel is a must. 

Getting ill when you’re supposed to be relaxing is not only a drag but it’s unnecessary.  Here are some top tips on how to stay healthy whilst you travel. 


Staying hydrated is a key part to staying healthy when you travel. For some reason when you’re enjoying yourself on holiday it’s easy to forget to drink. Try drinking a litre of water on your way to the airport then take the empty bottle through security and top up to drink whilst you’re on your way. And don’t forget, for every alcoholic drink, you need a glass of water too. 

Take natural remedies. 

Echinacea, magnesium, oregano oil and probiotics are all good things to take with you. Echinacea and oregano oil are good for reducing colds and bugs. Magnesium will help you sleep, aid digestion and is a good stress reliever.  Oregano oil can also help fend off everything from bacterial infection to parasites.

Take your own healthy snacks. 

It’s so easy to grab junk food when you’re on the go but take an hour before you go to take your own healthy snacks. You may be on holiday but you’ll feel so much better for feeding your body nourishing snacks instead of nasty petrol station or airport fast food. 

Try to get some sleep. 

Falling asleep when you are travelling is always a challenge but bring along your travel pillow, ear plugs and sleep mask will make it easier. 

Keep your fan on. 

If you’re travelling by plane then a top tip is to keep your overhead air vent open throughout the flight. That blast of air will be your best protection against catching your neighbours coughs and colds.

Disinfect your seat.

Don’t feel as though people will judge you for wiping down your seat before you settle in. A lot of people have travelled on that seat before you and who knows what germs are being stored there. Carry anti-bacterial wipes and just give your area a quick rub down before you get comfy.

Boost your immune system 

Boost your immune system by taking your vitamins and minerals. Add a multivitamin supplement that contains ingredients like vitamin C, zinc, B vitamins and chlorella – all of which will help to keep you healthy.

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