The Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger has been used in folk medicine for centuries and it’s well known for its digestive properties.

And the good news is that the health benefits of ginger essential oil are almost identical to that of fresh ginger, in fact, the essential oil is a more potent form form so you need less to reap the benefits. 

Ginger is part of the plant family that includes turmeric and cardamom, both are well known for their exceptional benefits to health and wellness.

The top ginger essential oil benefits

It helps digestion issues

Ginger is well known for helping to settle an upset stomach and is one of the best natural remedies if you’re suffering from indigestion, diarrhoea, spasms, stomach aches, vomiting and colic. 

It’s a natural antiseptic

Ginger essential oil is a natural antiseptic agent than can help kill infections, including intestinal infections, bacterial dysentery and food poisoning. 

It helps aid respiratory problems

Ginger can help to remove muscat from the lunch and throat making it a perfect remedy for coughs and colds.Ginger is an expectorant so by taking the essential oil this signals to the body to increase the amount of secretions in the respiratory tract, lubricating the irritated area and easing up any respiratory issues. 

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is our bodies response to being attacked and can cause bloating, swelling, pain and discomfort.

The component zingibain in the oil is responsible for the oil’s anti-inflammatory properties and can provide pain relief. 

Relieving headaches

Ginger is a great way to relieve headaches by reducing the amount of prostaglandins in the body, which are the compounds associated with pain.

It has high antioxidant levels

Ginger root contains very high levels of antioxidants that can help prevent certain types of cell damage, especially those caused by oxidation. Oxidative damage has been linked to health conditions such as dementia, cancer and heart disease. 

It’s a natural aphrodisiac

If you’re experiencing a loss of libido then ginger oil can help to increase the feelings of sexual desire. You can add a drop to a carrier oil and use in a massage. 

It eases anxiety

When used in aromatherapy ginger oil can help to reduce anxiety, depression and exhaustion. In Ayurvedic medicine, ginger oil is believed to treat emotional problems like fear, abandonment, and lack of self-confidence or motivation.

How to use ginger essential oil

• Add a few drops of essential oil to a carrier oil such as coconut and massage into your skin. Rubbing a few drops over your heart can help to improve blood circulation. If you’re experiencing joint or muscle pain, massage a few drops on the area twice daily can ease the pain.

• Boost your mood by adding two to three drops to a diffuser. Or rub in between your hands and inhale twice daily.

• Suffering from nausea and sickness? Diffuse two to three drops of ginger oil or apply one to two drops over the stomach.

• If you’d like to aid digestion and get rid of toxins, add two to three drops of ginger oil to warm bath water.

Make sure when you purchase your essential oil that you chose a high quality supplier. 

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