The Best Essential Oils For Romance

There is no denying that essential oils are pretty powerful. If you need an energy boost then just take a sniff of a citrus scent like lemon, if you need to feel calm and relax then reach for the lavender. Well, what about if you feel in the mood for romance? Well, don’t fear there’s an oil(s) for that too. 

By inhaling essential oils, you reach your olfactory nerves which can get you in the mood for romance in no time. Fragrance has always played a huge part in romance, that’s because our sense of smell is linked to our limbic system which is the part of the brain associated with emotions.

So, what essential oils are good for getting you in the mood for romance?


Not only is rose a classic smell but it’s deep, floral aroma is perfect for releasing your sexy side. Rose is known as the flower of love, and the essential oil will help to lift your spirits, improve circulation and bring the excitement in to any relationship. 


Sandalwood is used a lot in perfumes and colognes, because it has a grounding scent, It’s a scent that can promote relaxation and positive feelings, especially good if you’re going on a first date to calm any first date jitters. 

Ylang, Ylang.

If you want to kick start your night of romance, then add a few drops of ylang, ylang in to your bath. This oil has a sweet, euphoric and romantic scent that calms the senses. So light some candles, pour some champagne and run a hot bath with a few drops of ylang, ylang.


The sweet scent of vanilla produces feelings of happiness and relaxation. It’s a very homely scent so if you’re looking to create a cosy and homely feeling, then vanilla essential oil should be your first stop. 

Clary Sage.

This oil has a mild, warm scent that helps inner balance and relaxation. Perfect oil to use in massage. It also has natural phytoestrogens which can increase libido. Blend with fractionated coconut oil, sandalwood and jasmine to create a sexy massage oil. 

Essential Oil Precautions

Just because essential oils are natural, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be harmful. Always perform a skin patch test before using essential oils on the skin, even if you dilute them with a carrier oil. 

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