The Six Types of Self-Care

If you’re feeling exhausted, tired, low, or just out of sorts then it could mean that you need to exercise some self-care. We’ve blogged about self-care in the past and we know that it’s usually the last thing on the minds of many.

But the saying that “You can’t pour from an empty cup” has never been more relevant. So here are the six types of self-care and how you can practice them.


Taking care of our bodies is one of the easiest ways to practice self care. Eating well and exercise can make you feel a million times better as well as the host of other benefits such as a stronger immune system and sleeping better. So why not start today? Cook a healthy dinner, go for a walk or incorporate some fruit and veg in to your day. 


Becoming more intone with our emotions and understanding what triggers us us a great way of practicing emotional self care. Try journaling or practicing mindfulness. Even taking up a new creative hobby such as writing or painting can be a great help. 


Spiritual self-care is nourishing for your soul. It’s all about trying to find some inner peace and finding your purpose. Top up your spiritual self-care tank by spending some time in nature (try forest bathing) or volunteering for a charity you’re passionate about. 


Challenging your mind should be something you do on a daily basis. It could be that you do the daily crossword or just sitting down and reading a couple of chapters of your book each day. Expanding your knowledge and learning a new skill will improve your life in so many ways.


Social self care can differ from person to person and will be dependent on your personality type (are you an introvert or extrovert) but connection is important. It’s so easy not to see or speak to anyone these days, especially when we have social media but make an effort to meet a friend for coffee or speak to someone whilst you’re walking the dog. 


Smell, sight, touch and sound; sensory self care can help to nourish your senses. To practice this method of self care try walking bare foot on the grass, diffusing some essential oils or listening to some relaxing music.  

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